In these days as home-buyers & building contractors demand innovative customization, we supply complete drafting services, combining creativity with the latest Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) techniques.
Benefit from our variety of architectural drafting services including:
• Residential Architectural Drafting
• Complete set of Working/Construction drawings of Residential
• Commercial construction-Floor Plans, Wall Sections, Elevations, Roof Framing and Foundation Plans
• Landscape and Architectural Construction Drawings
• Architecture Drawing Detailing
• Raster to Vector, Microstation & CAD Conversion
• Interior Drawing Details and Drawings
• Development of Working Architectural Drawings from conceptual sketches and blueprints
• Detailing of Interior Drawing – Reflected Ceiling, Power Communications, Plumbing, HVAC
• Building As-built drawings
• Structural / Civil Services
• 2D Drafting & Detailing
• 3D Modeling Services
• Drawing Services
• Construction Documentation
• Structural Drawing Analysis
• Structural Drafting & Drawings
• Steel Drawing & Detailing

Autocad Archicad Revit BPO Drafting Philippines supply full set of Structural Drawing and Drafting services to a wide variety of global clients. Based on structural drawing documents, we will supply the structural engineering drawing calculations, structural steel drawing drawings and the details.
We are committed to deliver innovative and effective solutions to every challenge we encounter in structural steel drawing. Autocad Archicad Revit BPO Drafting Philippines has been involved in a great variety of Structural Drawing and Drafting projects encompassing almost all phases of traditional as well as advanced engineering practices.
We conceptualize and drawing various types and sizes of structures for industrial, commercial, and institutional purposes.
Structural Drawing and Drafting services we offer include mainly the following:
• Basic and Detailed engineering drawings for RCC and Structural Steel
• Fabrication Drawings
• Structural engineering calculations
• Bar-bending Schedules
• Prepare Bill of Materials
• As-Built Drawings

We supply drawings for a variety of structures such as the following:
• Steel Shapes and Beams
• Structural Ladders Utility
• Structural Stairs Utility
• Structural Hand Railing
• Beam-to-Beam Connections
• Structural Bracing
• Beam-to-Column Connections
• Beam Drawing Module
• Welding Symbols
• Structural Welded Frames
• Space frames and Utility towers
• Industrial buildings and Structures
• Tanks, bunkers, silos and Hoppers
• Equipment supports
• Pressure vessels
• Conveyor galleries and Supports
• Pipelines and Pipe racks
• Bridges and Tunnels
• Dismountable and Transportable structures
• Workshops and Factory sheds

Autocad Archicad Revit BPO Drafting Philippines’s greatest asset is a highly skilled and qualified team of Drafters, Draftsmen, Analyzers, and Detailers reputed for unmatched professionalism. The increasing number of project success stories enables us to attract more potential clients, and maintain a steady customer retention rate. It has been a mutually beneficial and confidence building process between our valuable clientele base and us over the years. A cross section of our diverse set of clientele includes architects, engineers, developers, contractors, Drafters, builders, municipalities, state agencies, and institutions.
Structural Drawing – Structure Analysis – Structural Calculations
Structural drawing services ensures concepts are translated into an economical structure drawing which fulfills client’s requirements and complies with local building legislation and this is carried out by an expert team combining structural drawing engineering and architectural structures drawing sections.
Autocad Archicad Revit BPO or any CAD BPO Services firm uses current and evolving technologies to form extensible and adaptable solutions for Structural Analysis, Autocad Archicad Revit BPO or any CAD Structural Drawing and Detailing Structures of different types including Reinforced Concrete, Timber and Steel serving different end uses.
Structural Drawing and Analysis services include:
Structural Analysis and Calculations using Standard Software Packages like STAAD. Pro and STRAP and Drawing of various types of Storage/Retaining Structures, Foundations Full Experience in the Detailing of various types of Steel Structures and Reinforced Concrete Structures in accordance with Codes of Practices of different countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Philippines etc.

• Reinforcement of Existing Architectural Structures
• Drawing of post-tensioned or pre-stressed structures like parking structures, industrial sheds, etc.
• RCC Drawing of Storage tanks, Retailing walls & other complex structures
• Wooden/Timber Structure drawing and Analysis
• Mechanical Services
• 2D Drafting Services
• 3D Modeling Services
• Mechanical Animation Services
• Mechanical Modeling
• Mechanical Drawing
• Mechanical Drafting
• 3D Modeling
• HVAC System Drawing
• Mechanical Engineering
• Product Drawing Development
• Conceptual Drawing Analysis
• Rapid Prototyping Services
• Reverse Engineering
• Finite Elemental Analysis
• Machine Drawing Services
• Jigs and Fixtures Drawing
• Technical Publication

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